Finding a new office in central London can be harder than you think.  Sure, we can all use a search engine to find offices online, but that’s time consuming and won’t give you a full picture of what’s available on the London office market.

Our expert advisers have been helping clients find new London office space for over 30 years, so let us help you.  We use in-house databases, along with long-standing relationships with Landlords and their agents to source on-and-off market opportunities.  This process gives you full coverage of the London office market.  

We then use our years of experience and market knowledge to secure you not only the best market terms available (legal & financial), but also flexibility, which is key in the new world of occupying London office space.

Our mantra is to provide professional and considered advice, and that’s what we do from the start to the finish of any London office acquisition.

So if you’re looking for new London office space, gives us a call for a free no ties consultation.